Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ChuCha Santamria Y Usted

ChuCha Santamria Y Usted easily has one of the longest names in pop music. This New Yorican duo based in Oakland bring the sound of freestyle, Italo disco, and massive pop hits together in a multi-lingual blast of synth pop perfection. Their self titled EP is a fantastic speaker rattling record that's kind of like Bonde do Role if they knew English better and weren't quite as crazy.

ChuCha Santamria Y Usted is a manic dance pop thrill that combines flashy beats, lush synths, and seductive vocals with a pop sensibility that crosses genres faster than Superman. They may be in Oakland but their New York, Puerto Rican culture clash powers this thing on to the dance floor with style. This is a great record that's so well produced and so well conceived that even at its most serious you'll feel the need to shake something. Oakland may not be known for much musically outside of Thrash, but ChuCha Santamria Y Usted might just change that.

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