Monday, December 5, 2011

Pomegranates Are One Of Us

Pomegranates have been floating around as a fruit for millennium and as a band since 2008. This band of Cincinnatians got together as fun project but evolved into a hazy spacey psychedelic monster that to date has released three albums of post-shoegazing bliss. Their latest opus, One Of Us is a hazy dream of distorted guitars, soaring vocals, and songs that seem as though they’re from the heavens. It’s quite good stuff that at times sound like it was beamed straight in from the offices of Creation Records in 1992.

One Of Us is loaded with songs that sit somewhere between early Boo Radleys and Spiritualized and sound like the best things either band never recorded. The textural guitar playing that populates the record helps create the mood and atmospherics that make this record so good. From little washes to huge distortion splashes, Pomegranates wrangle more noise out of their guitars than physically possible. And yet, amongst all that riffage are swirling melodies and fragile songs that seem as though they’re going to shatter at any second. Between the two dynamics you're left with a sense of sonic bewilderment that's quite pleasing to the ears.

Pomegranates have come up with a wonderful record here that’s loaded with heavenly harmonies, atmospheric fireworks, and a record that’s like Waterford Crystal dangling by a string. One Of Us is gorgeous delicate stuff that whispers its way into your consciousness and never lets go. There are reasons why I miss the heady days of the shoegazing scene and bands like the Pomegranates constantly remind me why.

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