Monday, December 12, 2011

Moving Units Wage A Tension War

Moving Unit's latest EP, Tension War is another impressive record in their ever expanding repertoire. Self-released and filled with enough, um, tension amongst the riffs the record plays out like a more angular and angry version of what Interpol could have been. With a impactful sound that seems to center around detuning everything, dropping riffs into the ultra low range, and then grinding it all out with a hypnotically dark groove that's impossible to ignore, the Units are clearly on top of their game.

Gone are the odd angular and raw riffs that once populated their songs. They've been replaced with polished steel and and an overwhelming sense of forboding. Tension War as the name might indicate is not a happy record, it is instead a desperate and disillusioned affair that's got nothing to lose. This is why I love Moving Units, they play with abandon, they construct songs that are beat up but ridiculously catchy, and they continue to grow as a band. Tension War is another step in the right direction. I only hope they can keep their songs together long enough to get there.

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