Monday, December 12, 2011

Banco De Gaia Send Songs From The Silk Road

For almost two decades Banco De Gaia (aka Toby Marks) has made ethno techno one of the coolest ways to experience global culture without leaving your living room. With more globally influenced albums under his belt then most bands dream of, Toby has constantly searched the world over for unique sounds, rhythms, and ideas. It's been an amazing journey and now thanks to his anthology, Songs From the Silk Road you too can experience the road less travelled.

Not limited to sounds from Asia like Nayar's album, Banco De Gaia, covers the world with chilled out vibes, laid back beats, and soothing sounds from the strangest places. Songs From the Silk Road is a truly beautiful compilation that gathers some of Toby Marks favorite tracks and allows them to breathe. Expansive, ethereal, and completely chilled Songs From the Silk Road is like the best vacation you've never been on. Beats roll by, chants call out, Tablas bang on and the vibes that Banco creates is truly unearthly.

Call Songs From the Silk Road a consciousness expanding trip around the world this pseudo greatest hits is an amazing aural journey that once you start on you won't want to end.

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