Thursday, December 15, 2011

Maryse Letarte Gets In The Spirit of Christmas

How do you make Christmas songs better? Why sing them in a foreign language of course! And that's exactly what Canadian Maryse Letarte has done. She's recorded a Christmas album called Des Pas Dans La Neige that takes Christmas and makes it sound so windswept and exotic and even a bit, dare I say it, sexy.

Des Pas Dans La Neige is absolutely gorgeous stuff that's sung in French and will make the spirit bright in anyone who takes the time to listen. Alternating between lilting instrumentals and intimate slightly haunting carols the album is something that's perfect for a night in front of the fire with an eggnog and spirit in your heart. Maryse has a beautiful voice and her stirring arrangements and songs are so close and touching that even though you'll have no idea what she's singing about you can't help but listen.

Des Pas Dans La Neige is a fantastic holiday album that's already become a staple in her home province Du Quebec. Language barrier or not, the songs represented here cross over and hit home. Her ability to rearrange carols, write new ones, and sound as if she's singing them in your ear is impressive. Maryse Letarte is a true talent no matter the season or the language.

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