Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Locksley Are Perfect

Consistency is such a weird thing in music nowadays, so few albums today are just brilliant from beginning to end.   Think about it, the days of amazing albums that you never forget seem to be long gone.  It's all about one or two songs and then a bunch of fluff and filler.  It’s so bad that it's becoming increasingly obvious that most bands don't have the talent to write an album worthy of hearing all the way through.  Locksley are not one of those bands.

Locksley is so consistently good they probably have a library filled with songs that all have the potential for being a smash hit.  This band is such a perfect rock n' roll band and they have such songwriting chops that they are simply unstoppable force.   As if to prove that point, every song on their album Locksley is absolutely brilliant.   Locksley is a non-stop dance party of garage 60's tinged power pop that sounds something like the American version of crazy Scottish lads The Fratellis. 

Locksley starts with a groove and it never ends.  Every song here is just so incredibly catchy and danceable that feet can't help but shuffle, hands can't help but clap and heads can't help but bob. Locksley are like a virus; quickly conquering the human body with an uncontrollable urge to move. Whether it's the spirit of the Beatles, The Fratellis, the 60's, or Stiff Records which all seem to possess this band, Locksley is a throwback to the days when practically every song released was amazing.  This is like a gift from the gods; a reminder of how good music can be, a reminder of how rock n' roll is supposed to be. 

From the boogie beats of previously released, "Don't Make Me Wait," to the sugary sweet, "Oh, Wisconsin!," Locksley is one of those records you want to listen to over and over again.  It's quite easy to just leave this disc in the player for days on end and listen to it daily.  It is so consistently fantastic that it will reassure you of the power of rock n' roll.  Locksley is probably the best pure rock n' roll record of the last year.  It wears its influences on its sleeve, it never ceases to groove, and it has some of the best songwriting you're likely to hear. 

Locksley are onto something here.  Their potential is huge and their album Locksley is a giant killer.  There's nothing bad on it at all.  Every riff, every harmony, every song is just about perfect.  It is so good it will leave you exclaiming, “Oh rock n' roll this is why we love you.”    So, thank you Locksley, for keeping the faith.

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