Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gus Gus' Arabian Horse

It's been a long time since I've heard anything from Gus Gus. Apparently, they've now released seven studio albums and have been quietly accumulating success without my knowing it. How dare they! Well, thanks to their latest opus, Arabian Horse, that's about to change.

Arabian Horse is a record that's artful, brilliant, and deep. This is a band that shapes its sound around its love of house music, pop, art, drama, and glamour and then modernizes it with a sound that's as ethereal as an Icelandic winter. With songs that take deep house even deeper and a chilled vibe that's almost dream inducing, Gus Gus have created a brilliant mind-numbing electronic record that's like the best dream you've never had.

With accordions, sighed or whispered vocals, pulsating synth pads, Gus Gus' ability to create atmospherics at will while maintaining a solid groove is truly impressive. And despite mastering this stuff in an almost templated format, Gus Gus makes Arabian Horse sound fresh, diverse, and lush. This is a breathtaking record that resides somewhere on cloud nine and really has no desire to come down from its perch.

Having spent some time with Arabian Horse I can pretty much promise you that I won't lose touch with this band again. Still impressive after all these years, Gus Gus still has it and Arabian Horse proves that time and time again.

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