Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teddybears Make Devils Music

The Teddybears are back and far from being cute and cuddly, this group of near cartoon characters have written a new album of Devils Music that's pure gold. Picking up from the punky edginess of their last album and infusing it with more dance floor friendly vibes, Devil's Music is the resurrection of the Big Beat Boutique come to fruition. This is so much the case that it appears as if The Teddybears have dug out all their old Skint records, plugged them into the poptastic dance floor generator and come up with a monster record that's as infectious as small pox and as fun as Disney World.

Devil's Music fuses superstars, both hidden and known, with massively hooky music to create songs that could pack a sardine can sized dance floor with the population of China. The songs are effervescent, quirky, and so bouncy that they nearly leap out of the speakers. This is such a fantastically fun record that it's about as devilish as deviled eggs. This is a party record through and through and if you don't find yourself dancing to it, then you have some serious problems. With choruses and grooves that are so easy to remember they make remembering your ABC's look like the theory of relativity, Devil’s Music is the best Big Beat record to not come out in 1998 ever.

Ridiculously catchy, incredibly hyper, and far from evil The Teddybears Devil's Music is an instant classic that's only thirteen years late to the party. Whoever is under those masks have done a heck of a job in creating one heck of a record that you need in your life.

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