Monday, December 12, 2011

The Jigsaw Seen Love Bananas Foster

The Jigsaw Seen have been around the block a few times releasing a whole host of EPs, an album, a covers record, and loads of live material. Their career has been so busy that they've even received a Grammy nomination for their last album, Zenith. Far from being the, err, zenith of their career, Zenith served as only a stepping stone on the continued upward path of this band. Their latest album, Bananas Foster is indeed a tasty treat all on it's own.

Sounding like something out of the Who's back catalog, The Jigsaw Seen cover their songs in enough retro sheen to make you think they're from the sixties but you can hear the technology at work to know better. These guys clearly love the decade and whether it's the Rolling Stones-ish ballad of, "Melancholy Morning," or the bombast of, "Bertha Brilliance," or even the psychedelic paisley pop of, "Choreography Killed The Cat," you'll find yourself thinking you’re stuck in Carnaby Street. With crazy song titles and odd time signatures, The Jigsaw Seen take retro cool and skew it in all sorts of directions, and it's this different approach that helps keep Bananas Foster moving in all the right directions.

Bananas Foster is a fun record to listen to and whether it's the inclusion of a Bananas Foster recipe card or the fact that these guys probably don't know what year they're in The Jigsaw Seen are well deserving of all the accolades that they get. Bananas Foster has it all; from psychedelic rock, garage rock, 60's pop, ballads and groovy vibes it's all here and it's fantastic. Much like bananas foster, this record is on fire.

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