Monday, December 12, 2011

Codes In The Clouds

Codes In The Clouds seem like the best named band on the planet. This group of Dartford, UK instrumentalists live up to this title by producing some rather airy, windswept post rock that seems to embrace jazz as much as ambient. Their latest album, As the Spirit Wanes, is a massive sprawling affair that features sky reaching guitar workouts, ethereal bridges, and sweeping textures.

As The Spirit Wanes, is the sort of things soundtracks were made for. This is a massive record that, while under an hour long features a rich palette of sound that's filled with drama, excitement, and enough melody that vocals simply aren’t necessary. It’s the sort of affair, where, if vocals were to be added, the thing would be so heartfelt and fragile that it might break. Codes In The Clouds have done a fantastic job at tapping into their emotions and then channeling them into each and every passage on this work. It's truly majestic stuff that's pretty much the definition of sweeping and epic and that's, in my opinion, why it's so good.

While oodles of bands can do this stuff, Codes In Clouds do this with a melodic flair that allows the songs to be catchy without a single verse or chorus. Britain isn't generally considered a hot bed of post rock, but after listening to As the Spirit Wanes it's easy to say that it will be sooner rather than later. Nice work lads.

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