Monday, December 12, 2011

Rainbow Arabia's Boys & Diamonds

A long time ago, Siouxsie Sioux and Budgie of the Banshees teamed up as The Creatures and set forth creating a far more experimental sound than their day job would allow. Mixing heavy doses of percussion with electronics, The Creatures created ethereal soundscapes that at one point were Hawaiian in nature and at another were unearthly. Somewhere in between all that, is where Rainbow Arabia resides. This strange band does exactly what The Creatures used to do except they've brought it up to date with an even more unique sense of experimentalism.

Alternating between percussion and electronics as if it were night and day, Rainbow Arabia uses what instrumentation they create to set the mood and then allow vocalist Tiffany Preston's voice to wander like a disembodied spirit all over it. The results are the haunting, nearly spiritual, Boys and Diamonds. This strange yet captivating record sounds as if it were created by aliens and beamed down to the planet as a form of mind control. With such strange gauzy sounds, it's easy to become entranced by the songs Rainbow Arabia create and by about the third or fourth song you'll just end up being gobsmacked.

Boys And Diamonds is gorgeous stuff that might have you wondering what Rainbow Arabia are on but it's exceptional unrivalled songs will keep you coming back for more. No other band today seems to mix, weirdness, world music, gothic overtones, and electronic dub quite like these guys do and Boys and Diamonds is easily one of the most compelling records I've heard this year. Strange music doesn't get any better than this and Boys and Diamonds is most definitely a sonic pot of gold at the end of this Rainbow.

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