Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jack Beauregard Knows The Magazines You Read

Jack Beauregard isn't actually a person or even a man...but two people, a group, a duo. Confused? Jack Beauregard, the duo, is made up of a pair of Germans who compose sugary sweet electronic songs that are like the aural equivalent of the nectar of the gods. Composing synth pop that's pretty much the exact opposite of every other electronic act in Germany, their songs are the lush moody sort of stuff that melts your heart and buries itself nto your soul. Techno Vikings they are not.

According to the band, Jack Beauregard's album The Magazines You Read deals with trying to find clarity and some direction in life. Despite the heaviness that would seem to entail, Beauregard somehow manage to make all the toiling issues of living seem like a stroll through the park on a sunny day. Lush synths, sighed vocals, and danceable rhythms keep the album moving and keep it listenable even at it's most broken hearted. The Magazines You Read is a solid effort whose ethereal nature lets it possess your ears as it lays its many moods on top of you. This is a catchy, beautifully produced, and heartwarming record. It's filled with such good songs that one hopes that Jack Beauregard never finds the clarity they so desperately want to find because to do so would probably be disastrous for their career.

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