Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Helado Negro Paints A Picture

Helado Negro is a bit of an interesting idea. This one man unit is a sparse, minimalistic kind of guy who doesn't crave the overwhelming excess of most electronic music. Instead, Helado Negro really creates sketches of sound and collages them together to create some of the most interesting unlikely songs you are ever going to hear. His sophomore album, Canta Lechuza, is a bit of a departure from the norm and I suppose that's what really makes it worth listening to.

Canta Lechuza is very rarely catchy and pop sensible. Instead, it is experimental, soft spoken, and off center. Finding rhythm and melody in bits and bobs and occasionally stringing things together for a short period of time, this Spanish language album almost finds itself amidst an actual pop song. For the most part though, Helado Negro is series of aural impressionistic paintings that are chilled out and seemingly in no hurry to go anywhere. In fact much of Canta Lechuza meanders about gently with a Spanish song in its heart. It's pleasant stuff that's relaxing and unobtrusive in a sort of post-trip hop chill out way.

If you like lazy pop music that sounds like it was recorded during a dream, you'll love much of Canta Lechuza. You'll just need to wake up to enjoy it.

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