Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Modern Skirts Slack Off

Modern Skirts are a quirky bunch of indie poppers that use all sorts of strange sounds to create music that's skewed and abnormal but in all the best ways. Their strangely titled album, Gramahawk is a fuzzy, plodding record that seems like it should have been recorded sometime in the mid nineties when slack was king. With samples, fuzzed out guitars, bashed drums, and a general slackadaisical sense about it, this is a record that doesn't seem to be to motivated to get up and do much of anything but start a revolution from its bed.

That being said, Gramahawk is great. Its lazy hooks, shuffly pop and overwhelming sense of being stuck in a bedroom for an eternity makes it sound like it's just woken up with an unforgettable song in its head. While the songs aren’t super produced or slick, they are incredibly charming and their geekiness is apparent on just about every song. Picture if you will, a group of musical computer nerds fidgeting with a bunch of equipment and you kind of have a good idea of where Modern Skirts are coming from.

Ramshackle, lo-fi, and good, Gramahawk is pop from all the wrong angles. It's a nerdy slice of genius that even at its most unmotivated still finds a melody and a song. Let the revolution begin!

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