Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat Know Everything's Getting Older

You could not possibly come up with a more depressing title for a record than, Everything's Getting Older and yet that's exactly what Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat named their recent collaboration. Obviously, a bit more contemplative than your standard pop record, Everything's Getting Older is anything but the feel good record of the year. This introspective, slightly depressing, but rather nice sounding record slowly plods its way through its twelve songs with all sorts of musical accompaniment including jazz, dance music, folk, and none at all.

The tension, drama, and beauty of this record is fired by the Scottish accent that leads us along the path that this record sets forth. At times playing like a spoken word record, at others like a drunken depressed Scotsman in a club Everything's Getting Older is a fascinating record into these two intriguing artists’ psyches. Pop music this is not, it's more like a book on tape set to music if Nick Cave were the reader and was a wee bit Scottish.

Everything's Getting Older isn't necessarily a record you'll run home to listen to a million times over, but when things start going south, or you feel like you’re getting old it's the thing to break out and just listen to. We all go through it, we all know it's going to happen, and yet it's a constant struggle to deal with the loss of our youth. Aidan and Bill know this and wrote this record as a way it seems to deal with the same issue. Everything's Getting Older isn't pop music...its therapy.

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