Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Electrolightz Bring The Party

Electrolightz is band that could only ever succeed. With members who include the son of Itzhak Perlman and producers of tracks for Young Buck and Method Man how could this band ever fail? Thankfully, they don't fail in the slightest, instead their album, It Happened Over Night is a super slick, ridiculously produced electro pop record that is literally a non-stop party for the duration of it's length.

It Happened Over Night is such a massive record that the hooks this thing possesses nearly reach out of the speakers and pull you into the album. Massive choruses, bangin beats, songs deadlier than's all here by the ton. If there's one thing you can say about It Happened Over Night is that it's the definition of a hit album. From the massive opening track, "Written All Over Your Face," to the power ballad choruses of, "I Love You," this record never stops laying down the grooves and spreading the joy. This is an kind of record that wants to party, intends to party, and is the life of the party all at the same time.

How do Electrolightz construct such a massive record? Well by taking the electro pop template, adding just enough hip hop to give the record some grit, adding a healthy dose of pure pop sugar, and then coating this mixture with a production sheen that would rival a diamond. It Happened Over Night is so incredibly well produced you can hear every aspect of this record coming at you from fifty feet away. Glossy pop doesn't come much better than this and I would challenge anyone to deny that this thing isn't catchier than the flu. Electrolightz have to have mainstream success, it's in their DNA, it's in their songs, it's in everything they do. This is a band that no one can deny. The only question is whether or not their success will happen over night.

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