Monday, December 5, 2011

Majeure's Timespan

I've just heard the future and it goes by the name of Majeure. When the machines eventually take over and we are enslaved by them to do their bidding, Timespan, will be its soundtrack. Majeure who in present time is the alter ego of A.E. Paterra, drummer fro the sci-fi prog explorers Zombie, will one day in the future create the sounds of human resistance, the sounds in which we as a people rise up and defeat the machines. Timespan, is the sound of things to come in a dark world overly polluted, with barely any day light coming through; a world in which conflict is second nature and survival is vital. For a first outing Timespan is an amazing adventure of a record that takes electronic music back to the past in an effort to bring it up to date. Much like the Terminator, Majeure knows that the way forward is to head to the past and take the knowledge known back then to create the new ideas of tomorrow.

He's done that on Timespan. This is a record that would make Vangelis blush because Majeure has out Blade Runnered, Blade Runner here and created a world in which androids and machines seek to destroy mankind. It's a stark, minimal, cold electronic record that's so epic and so wide screen that it's beyond high definition. Consuming every second on the CD, Majeure creates epic landscapes and soundscapes in which your mind is set free. It's a massive record that sounds so distant, so clinical, so destructive that it might just scare you. And yet despite it's cold, desolate, and unfeeling sounds, the record is absolutely gripping in every imaginable way. This is a record waiting for a movie to find it and if one doesn't there's always the one you can create as you listen to it.

Majeure has done a phenomenal job at creating an immense science fiction record that's so rooted in the far off post-apocalyptic future you're left wondering if he's actually from there. Timespan is highly entertaining, highly imaginative, and amazingly played; even the accompanying remixes are well put together and carry on the adventure. If you love science fiction, Blade Runner, Vangelis, or monumental moments in instrumental music you will love this ambient journey into the end of the world. Timespan is awesome stuff.

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