Friday, December 16, 2011

Andy Grammer Encourages You To Keep Your Head Up

Andy Grammer's new single, Keep Your Head Up is the sound of Coldplay chucking in the towel and going completely mainstream. It’s got all the best characteristics of a Chris Martin tune; it’s an upbeat slightly jammy song that has a huge hook, and a chorus that will never leave your brain. Keep Your Head Up is such a reaffirming little ditty and has such a grin on its face it doesn't even know what the word unhappy means.

It might be one track long, but this little single is once slice of commerciality that's hard to escape from. It's so good that if more Top 40 were like this...I might actually listen. And for those of you that like the office...find the video somewhere and watch it because Dwight makes an appearance...that's all I'm saying.

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