Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vanity Theft's Anatomy

Vanity Theft’s EP, The Anatomy is a slick six song slice of new waveish pop that's edgy and slinky in all the best ways. The four girls that make up this group tap into their inner Missing Persons and come up with a record that's sassy, smart, and packed to the rafters with melodies that are just about unforgettable. If you were take a bit of Missing Persons' LA glam, mix it up with a bit of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's grit, and then add in some Lady Ga Ga for good measure you kind of have an idea of where these girls are coming from. Their songs are immediate, extremely catchy, and ready to dominate.

From the choppy jumpy spiky pop of, "Limb From Limb," to the angelic chilled brilliance of the Houses Feeling Wallpaper Remix of, "Missing Teeth," this short blast of pop will leave you clamoring for more and I suspect that's the very purpose of this EP. Dangling like a carrot, the record is irresistible and impossible to ignore and it's so addictive that it will leave you with the shakes when it all comes to crashing conclusion. Vanity Theft might not steal your vanity, but they'll steal your ears if you're not careful.

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