Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Marz Lovejoy Is A Treat

Marz Lovejoy is a 19-year-old hip hop/R&B artist who burst on the scene less than a year ago. In that short time she's won over crowds in her home town of LA and conquered the east coast as well. Her confidence and ability to seamlessly blend singing with rhyming really makes her stand out...and then when you hear her voice it's all over. With the voice of an angel covered in tattoo's Marz is a sparkling personality whose creativity and flexibility makes her mini-lp, This Little Light of Mine," a great listen.

Alternating between club bangers and heart tugging slow jams listening to This Little Light of Mine, is like listening to the night out and the morning after on repeat. Marz's voice is absolutely adorable in a quirky kind of way that doesn't really fall into the stereotypical range of most R&B/hip hop vocalists. Her enunciation and ability to actually sound like Amy Winehouse at times is truly awesome. From the killer synths in the club ready, "Rump Shake," to the appropriately titled, "Love Bullet Gun," Marz repeatedly proves herself to be one heck of a songstress. This Little Light of Mine is an impressive release that shows that this youngster is equal to if not better than many of her contemporaries.

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