Friday, December 16, 2011

Ty Segall Hangs On

Ty Segall sounds like he’s got about $5 in his wallet and a four track recorder at the ready. His album Goodbye Bread is a mess of a recording that sounds like it’s on warped tape and recorded with a defective machine. Constructed of slow, rough, and raw rock and roll, the album lurches along its ten songs in a drunken stupor that may or may not result in the end of its life. This is the end of rock and roll as recorded by a dying Jonathan Richman and that’s probably why we can’t turn away.

For someone who isn’t even 25 yet, Ty Segall sounds like he’s been around the rock and roll lifestyle far long than he could have been. This is the sound of the day after, and the night before rolled up into one. Goodbye Bread is a distorted, lo-fi record that hinges on whether or not it may fall apart at any minute. Simplistic in its approach and repetitive in its delivery Goodbye Bread might not be cutting edge, but it has this strange way of not letting go of your ears.

With this and several other albums under his belt that all sound like he’s on his last leg here’s hoping he makes it to the next one!

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