Friday, December 16, 2011

Face to Face Laugh Now and Laugh Later

It's hard to believe Face To Face have been around for a decade or so, but they have. They've been redefining what the definition of punk is since they started and their latest album, Laugh Now...Laugh Later is no different. Taking the Epitaph/Southern California sound and making it all their own, Face To Face have managed to make a career out of creating massively melodic chunky tunes and judging by this album, there doesn't seem to be any stopping them.

Laugh Now...Laugh Later starts out at blazing speed and never looks back. Blowing through the eleven songs as if their lives depended on it, Face to Face even seem to play with urgency when they slow things down. Melodies fly around, riffs carve through air, and songs whisk themselves by and the whole thing is over in 35 minutes. Laugh Now...Laugh Later is a white knuckle whirlwind tour through the punk spectrum and it's a thrill to say the least. There's a reason why Face to Face have been around for over a decade...they can write songs and Laugh Now...Laugh Later proves it eleven times over.

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