Monday, December 5, 2011

Spirit Animal's Cost of Living

Spirit Animal are an interesting bunch. This group of reckless experimentalists refuses to be pigeonholed by any one genre and instead run around them like a chicken with its head cut off. Frenetic, chaotic and literally all over the map, Spirit Animal are a hyper bunch and their album, The Cost Of Living, is the sound of music coming out of every orifice possible.

With an impressive list of credentials that includes studio work with Ben Harper, Natalie Cole, and Ringo Starr just to name a few, it’s easy to see where this band gets it’s carefree, genre free attitude from. With all sorts of sounds competing for attention it’s little wonder that the album is as crazy as it is. With funk, soul, synth, pop, rock, screamo and lord only knows what else, Spirit Animal attack music as if they were lions attacking prey…with vicious efficiency.

The Cost Of Living is crazy stuff that doesn’t allow itself or you to sit still and that’s what makes listening to this record so fun. The Cost Of Living is energetic and sounds as if it’s drank too much coffee before it headed to the studio. The record is so original that even when the band slows things down, it’s still impossible to peg these guys and put them somewhere. Like a crazy game of dodge ball, Spirit Animal avoid labels like speeding balls being hurled at them.

From the nearly Chili Pepper funk of, “Scars,” to the electro work out of, “Moanin and Groanin,” The Cost Of Living is the sound of a band who throws it all up on a wall and hopes that something sticks only to find that it all does. It’s an entertaining record that sounds like Cake and David Bowie all wrapped up in one package. Enjoyable, spastic, and eclectic, The Cost Of Living proves that there is some original thought left in the musical community.

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