Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Spectrals

The Spectrals Extended Play is a seven song romp through the dusty side of Americana that's informed by an eccentric sense of Britishness that could only come from a place called Heckmondwike. Sounding something like the Byrds, Mazzy Star, and a farmer, Spectrals find their drawl, twang, and jangle as they mosey on their way through this record. Rustic and charming the songs really don't seem to be in much of hurry to get anywhere and their lackadaisical ways, I think, is what makes them interesting. Anyone can play Americana, but to make it interesting you really have to have the songs to back it up. Thankfully, Spectrals have that and when you ad in the fact that they aren't even from here, it' makes it all the better.

Extended Play is nice subdued stuff that's the sound of a fall day spent in a field. It's lazy, bright, and charming and packed with enough twang to make Nashville blush. From the lackadaisical strums of, "Put Your Crystal Ball Away," to the almost Feltish dream pop of, "I Ran With Love But Couldn't Keep Up," Extended Play is a hint at things to come and hopefully they come soon...because seven songs just isn't enough.

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