Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Faun Fables Study Light Of A Vaster Dark

Faun Fables are clearly not from our current century. In fact, their not even from the last one; oh no, this is a band that sounds like a troupe of medieval gypsies crossing the country weaving tales of intrigue in songs and words and their latest album, Light Of A Vaster Dark sounds as if it came from the mid 15th century.

Sounding something like a folkier Dead Can Dance meets Miranda Sex Garden, Faun Fables are a fascinating polyphonic acoustic group that clearly don't know pop music has been invented or even what the top 40 is. The troupe's leader, Dawn McCarthy is obviously influenced by folk music but somewhere along the way it sounds as if she's been teleported back in time to sing songs of lightness and darkness (hence the title) to fabled monarchies across a kingdom that doesn't exist.

Light Of A Vaster Dark is a strange record thats about as detached from the current music scene and to be honest that's why I like it. Light Of A Vaster Dark sounds like nothing out there today or like anything in the last thirty years. It's hypnotic and thrilling because of how different, strange, and medieval it is and when you consider it's almost archaic approach to making music Faun Fables are truly a fascinating bunch. Light Of A Vaster Dark is twisted folk for the medieval set and whether or not your a lord or a serf you can't help but listen to this group sing about the seasons with amazement.

Check out the weary violin on, "Housekeeper," or the near horse back recording of "On the Open Plains," for a taste of how distant and ancient Faun Fables are. Light Of A Vaster Dark is a trip back in time that you won't soon forget.

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