Tuesday, December 20, 2011

San Cisco's Golden Revolver

San Cisco (minus the Fran) is a Vampire Weekend-ish kind of band, fusing world music vibes, Paul Simon's Graceland, and indie rock into a sunshiny sound that's perfect for the closing days of summer or the early days of fall. Their four song EP, Golden Revolver, is a jangly and jumpy little record that's got enough happiness to spread around.

San Cisco strum, harmonize, and seemingly skip through each of the four songs here as if they were the happiest people on the planet. As a result Golden Revolver is light, airy, and without a care in the world. The record is good stuff that's easy to latch onto and hard to rid your ears of. Really, the only bad thing about this record is its conclusion eleven minutes after it starts. Golden Revolver is short and sweet and will leave you panging for more...hopefully San Cisco delivers something soon.

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