Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Real Tuesday Weld & The Last Werewolf

The Last Werewolf is a soundtrack of sorts by The Real Tuesday Weld that's centered around the Glen Duncan novel of the same name. Evocative and slightly strange The Real Tuesday Weld continues their track record for creating fantastic companion pieces to the works of Glen Duncan. Their work on I, Lucifer stands out as a theatrical stroke of Britpop brilliance and established The Real Tuesday Weld and Glen Duncan as quite the dynamic duo.

Created at the same time the novel was being written, the record is essentially a twisted concept album/companion to Glen Duncan's story. The Last Werewolf is a unique take on a classic creature and the band does its best to steer clear of creating some sort of Twilight-ish parody. With sounds coming from just about every musical camp known to man, TRTW have broadened their horizons and come up with something that's completely intriguing. With jazz sounds, blues guitars, house beats, ambient passages, and a lot of creativity The Real Tuesday Weld have created an aural world in which Duncan's novel or the listener can roam around in.

While I prefer the upbeat bits of The Last Werewolf the album as a whole plays out like a radio drama set to music. With a diverse aural palette and just enough story to keep you hooked, The Last Werewolf is a fun listen for a dark stormy night....alone.

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