Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rubblebucket's Omega La La

Rubblebucket are far from being a bucket of rubble. Oh no, this Bostonian band are anything but a mess. Rather, they are a diverse band that utilizes distortion and jangle as much as horns and beats and combine it all together into something different. Their latest album Omega La La is a culmination of a thousand influences stirred up into a musical gumbo and sorted out by famed producer Eric Broucek (LCD Soundsystem, Cut Copy, etc).

As a result, Omega La La is a fantastic album that sounds as much like Stereolab as it does a quirky DFA side project. With horns blazing, harmonies soaring, and proggy rhythms moving things along, Rubblebucket seem as much in love with Krautrock as they are with indie pop. And while those are strange bedfellows the band make it work by making something melodically compatible out of something that could have been repetitive chaos. A song like, "Triangular Daisies," is a perfect example of their philosophy as the song is sweetly addictive but kind of loops around a whistle for much of the song. Honestly, much of Omega La La is rather hypnotic in its approach and that's ok, because the songs for the most part are very good.

Listening to Rubblebucket play their way through Omega La La is really like listening to an American version of Stereolab getting lost in their music. Omega La La is joyous stuff that's as adventuresome as it is infectious. It's a complex record that would challenge most musicians but still manages to be pleasing ear and that's how all music should least in my opinion.

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