Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Natural Child Live In 1971

Natural Child has named their new album 1971 and a better name could not have been chosen. No other band right now so channels that late 60's early 70's Rolling Stones Ya Ya period than Natural Child. The similarities between the two are frightening and the results, as one might expect, are staggeringly good.

Sounding like Mick Jagger and having that whiskey fueled rock and roll thing down pat, Natural Child keep it simple and just rock out the way that they used to. This is pure bluesy rock and roll that grooves along until it passes out and then gets right back up and does it again. 1971 is a fantastically simple but brilliant record that makes no bones about what it wants to be; this is a band and a record that loves rock and roll and isn't afraid to do what it takes to make it. What's really cool about Natural Child is that they don’t even look like they weren't even alive when Sticky Fingers or Exile on Mainstreet was released.

From "Hard Workin' Man," to "Yoko," and even "Let It Bleed," these guys are the Rolling Stones in their prime. 1971 is a stupendous rock record that's all the best bits of 70's rock crammed into one disc. You can't get much cooler than Natural Child does here and all you need to join them is some Jack and this record.

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