Monday, December 19, 2011

Metal Mother Hypnotizes

Metal Mother is the alter identity of one Tara Tati. This singer/songwriter isn't you're usual coffee house denizen with an acoustic guitar. Oh no, Metal Mother is a disembodied spirit wondering purgatory singing songs of melancholy with broken beats and rhythms. Her album Bonfire Diaries is an impressive work that's so completely out there that it's not fair to label her anything approaching a singer/songwriter.

So what’s all this mean? Well, Metal Mother is essentially the American answer to Bats For Lashes. With odd time signatures, dispossessed vocals, eerie melodies and an otherworldly feel, one suspects in listening to Bonfire Diaries that Tara is not of this earth. Folks, if she's a singer/songwriter then I'm the President. Simply put, Bonfire Diaries is a spooky and spectacular listen and Tara's strange approach to writing and constructing songs will either scare you to death or mesmerize you.

Metal Mother has constructed something magical here and the eleven songs present are truly something to be in awe of. Lush, strange, and exceptionally good, Bonfire Diaries is a musical adventure that's filled with creativity, etherealness, and beauty.

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