Monday, December 19, 2011

Liquid Stranger Traverse Arcane Terrain

Looking like an Iron Maiden spinoff but sounding NOTHING like Maiden at all, Liquid Stranger is about as close to metal as Montovani is to jazz. Instead of being metallic, Liquid Stranger take dubstep and globalize it by harnessing it's power and surrounding it with a village of influences, sounds, and vibes that take it off the dance floor and into the chill out room. This voyage into dubstep under the name of The Arcane Terrain is a tsunami of bass sounds and chilled atmospherics that will challenge the sustainability of any stereo system.

Absolutely massive in its scale and scope, The Arcane Terrain, covers traditional sounds around the world by utilizing ambient textures from the orient, Middle East, and the rain forest. No stone is left unturned as Liquid Stranger spares no expense finding sounds and ideas to put together the songs that make up this record. With dub beats easing next to birds chirping and sitars plucking, The Arcane Terrain hints back at times gone by in such a brilliant fashion that it's hard to walk away.

This is a dubstep record that's been redefined, refined, and redone away from a dark smoky club. The Arcane Terrain, instead, seeks to take us on an imaginative journey that leaves ones soul cleansed and mind refreshed. Liquid Stranger pretty much succeed on that level and so many more. This is a fantastic record that's as chill as it is dubby and that's why I love's the best of both worlds.

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