Friday, December 16, 2011

The Mattson 2

The strangely named Mattson 2 seems to be stuck in a time warp. Trapped somewhere in the sixties, this mod looking duo sound like the best post bop surf rock combo to ever come out. Fusing horns, jazz influences, twangy guitar and rays of sunshine, their album, Feeling Hands is a slice of Southern California during its 60’s heyday.

Containing song after song of fantastic guitar playing, crisp horns, and atmospherics, The Mattson 2 creates a retro fueled world that's loaded with big cars, skinny ties, Ray Ban's and tiki bars. Feeling Hands is swinging music for swinging people and it's absolutely awesome. Breezy, chilled, and vibrant this record is the sort of thing that will lighten any mood and artistically elevate your mind.

Excelling at both composing and playing surf and jazz (often at the same time), The Mattson 2 prove themselves to be talented musicians and writers with arrangements that shimmer in the sunlight. As a result Feeling Hands is a brilliant chilled record that's gorgeous laid back listening for anyone who loves to get lost in a dream.

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