Friday, December 16, 2011

Loyal Divide Get Lost

Loyal Divide are an interesting little collective of musicians who do anything but write pop music. Sounding like Spacemen 3 and Radiohead if they totally got lost in their own music and just went completely crazy, Loyal Divide teeter the line between noise and ambient like a tightrope walker. Their album, Bodice Ripper, is a noisy and atmospheric beast that has a mind of its own and pretty much does what it wants.

Fusing ambient textures with chaotic screams, Bodice Ripper is at times a downright frightening record. This is not the sort of thing that you would want to listen to before going to bed as it sounds as if an exorcism had failed. Psychedelic, dark, and scary Loyal Divide create unique soundscapes that minimalize vocals, escalate the use of synths, and create a feeling of eeriness that cannot be shaken. Is this an album that you'll rush home to listen to? Probably not, unless you're really disturbed. Is this an album you can terrify your friends with? Most definitely. This is the sound of musicians lost in hell and the sound of chaos given a musical voice; Bodice Ripper in other words, is a bizarre adventure that you might not return from.

Lost in their own little world, Loyal Divide have created a work that is as weird as it is wonderful with Bodice Ripper.

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