Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Low Says C'mon

Low is yet another one of those bands that have been around for ages and have helped define a generation of musicians and fans and their influence continues to resonate today. Sort of evolving out of the whole Galaxie 500 scene, Low make introspective music that might just force you into therapy. They are slow, plodding, thoroughly un pop, and usually pretty amazing. Their latest album, C’mon is anything but a letdown and continues their path of glory started so long ago.

C’mon is a deeply emotional and intellectually draining record. It’s the sort of thing that after 45 minutes of, you need a nap. It’s a heavy record that takes a toll on its listeners and one suspect that this is the way that Low has always liked it. This is a band that carries around baggage and passes it on to you through the most beautiful and calm songs you will ever hear. Their methods are almost evil in a sense because little do you realize that while you’re listening to C’mon they’re simply playing with you prepping you for the kill. By the time the final song, “Something’s Turning Over,” rolls around, you already know the answer to that question as it’s your emotional stability.

Far from the maddening pop crowd and just outside of being Baker Acted, Low reside in a peaceful, harmonic, beautiful world that they occasionally let us glimpse into. C’mon is the latest glimpse and it’s nice to see these guys no matter what state you might be in.

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