Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lovers Cast A Dark Light

Lovers are three girls who craft intimate portraits of female friendship, sexuality and evolution as an infinite process. They do this through the use of more musical toys than you could possibly imagine and frame it all in a crafty and clever package that's rather riveting. Whether it's as singer/songwriters or synth pop seductresses their album, Dark Light, casts a shadow over each song.

Introspective and slightly disturbed, Dark Light is a stunning record that very quietly goes for the jugular. With it's diverse influences Dark Light alternates between subtle grooves and substantial ones with ease and does so at will. While much of the record relies on subtlety and a snail’s pace to make it's impact, Dark Light has it's clearly upbeat moments; "Figure 8," for example, proves this and does so with a darkly delicious floor filler. Whether they're jumpy or hiding in a corner, Lovers makes an impact and haunts your brain with a quiet intensity that's palpable and hovers over every song.

Wondrous, ethereal, and otherworldly, Dark Light is a swirling synth pop record that offers so much more than ten dance tunes. Lovers have made a deep, emotional and gorgeous record that capitalizes on its diversity and craftiness to succeed. And succeed it does.

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