Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Le Butcherettes Commit Sin Sin Sin

Originally forming as a duo, Le Butcherettes began in 2008 as the brainchild of Teri Gender Bender; a self-proclaimed modern feminist who cites Sylvia Plath and Malcolm X as major influences. Politics aside, it's all about the music and no other band around so successfully channels the power of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's quite like the Le Butcherettes do. This isn't commercialized YYY's either, this is the EP version of the band; rough, ready, and rawer than sushi. The similarity is so close that you'd swear Teri Gender Bender is Karen O at times and it's downright frightening how close she gets throughout much of her band’s album, Sin Sin Sin.

Taking the garage rock format and giving it that strong female edge, Le Butcherettes are clearly unafraid to kick a little butt without asking questions and then write a song about it. Sin Sin Sin is littered with aggressive song titles and even more aggressive jagged riffs to back them up. And yet amongst all this aggression is a sensitive side that allows a melody to escape from each and every song. This record might be about power, but it's also about songs that stick to your skull. And stick they do. While the riffs and instrumentation might collide into each other like two semis at full speed they manage to find some sort of harmony that works consistently over the course of the record.

Sin Sin Sin might scare some but it really shouldn't This is a fantastic record that meld's feminism with rock and roll and gets stunning results that anyone can enjoy...even the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You can see for yourself as the band is coming to Jacksonville on 5/20 with the Deftones & Dillinger Escape Plan at Plush.

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