Friday, December 16, 2011

Islands Disappear, Said the Whale

Said the Whale is an interesting proposition of a band, I don't think I've really heard anyone so successfully meld quirk with depression so well but that's exactly what this five piece have done. Sounding something like The Decemberists colliding with a broken heart, Said the Whale write indie rock that's slightly twee and technical but still very listenable. Their album, Islands Disappear is a folksy homey record that mixes art and love together to create a surprisingly welcoming atmosphere.

While they occasionally play more instruments than it sounds possible Islands Disappear never loses it's accessibility. This is quite a nice album that lilts its way across songs and gently massages its hooks into your consciousness. Said the Whale, despite the name, are not overbearing in their approach and instead utilize horns, multipart harmonies, some pretty good drumming, and a sense of innocence to work their magic. This is art pop supreme and it's all done very subtly and very well. I thoroughly enjoyed this record because of it's quirky tendencies that steers it along. If you like things slightly homesick and forlorn, then listen to what this Whale's worth it.

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