Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hot Club De Paris Free The Pterodactyl 3

Hot Club De Paris do not in fact live in Paris nor a hot club. This Liverpudlian group instead resides by the Mersey and recorded this record in their own rehearsal space with reckless abandon. Sounding something like Modest Mouse, XTC, and err...Dexy's Midnight Runners, Hot Club go about their business in kind of a shambolic way that sounds like their whole band was held together by duct tape.

Frenetic, spontaneous, and spiky, their latest album (and North American debut), Free The Pterodactyl 3 is as quirky as that name would imply. Yes, it's kind of skewed pop, but the band does cram their strange songs with melodies and other things to latch on to. Whether it's the angular guitar jangle, the shouty vocals, or hilariously titled songs this band is truly a world apart from everyone else. And while, Free The Pterodactyl 3 may not be the easiest thing to figure out, it does eventually click in all the right places and does so with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

From the amazingly titled, "I'm Not In Love and Neither Are You," to the statement of intent that is, "Three Albums In and Still No Ballad," Free The Pterodactyl 3 is a wild ride of melodic fun that comes at you from all angles. Genius, I say, genius.

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