Friday, December 16, 2011

Hammer No More The Fingers

Hammer No More The Fingers sounds like the best post-hardcore band name I've heard in a long long time. Only one problem, they're not post-hardcore. This power trio play indie rock in that arty-mathy kind of way that made labels like Polyvinyl famous. Their album, Black Shark is a jagged jarring record that's brash in it's approach and overwhelming in its effort.

Black Shark, while sounding like a Mack Truck, still manages to find melodies and harmonies in the oddest places. Just when you think a song is going to be a curtain of noise, out pops a chorus that wraps itself around your head. It’s good stuff. If you can imagine Weezer hanging out with someone like Paris, Texas then you can kind see where Hammer No More The Fingers are coming from.

This is a group that has taken power pop to the next level, ramped it up, turned it up to 11 and let it rip and it works well for them. They're a fun band and they're pretty great musicians as well and while they might be a bit vivacious at times, they never allow that to get in the way of letting Black Shark shine and shine it does.

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