Friday, December 9, 2011

Green River Ordinance Are Morning Passengers

Green River Ordinance is not a face ripping metal band that leaves a path of destruction wherever they roam. Oh no, instead this oddly named band seems to be more in the pop rock folk category and their latest ep The Morning Passengers, sounds like a countrified record lost on the prairie somewhere. Dusty, rustic, acoustic, and featuring all sorts of rootsy instrumentation, GRO pluck, strum, and drift, each of the six songs here as if they had their hearts broken so many times that they're no longer able to break. This is the sort of record that girls fall in love to, break hearts to, and hear every night on the CW. This is acoustic angst at it's finest that's literally packed to the rafters with ballads, heartfelt emotions, and songs that will leave someone, somewhere weeping.

Whether or not you can tolerate this thing is depending on how stable you are emotionally. If you have just broken up with your significant other, do not listen to this under any will be hurt. For the rest of us, if you like intimate songs that are a tad rustic you'll find The Morning Passengers EP a joy. I, myself, really want to hear their other work because I'm intrigued to hear what they sound like without the acoustic guitars...electrified guitars are always a good thing.

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