Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Girls In A Coma

Usually covers albums are records for true fans of the band and not something the casual listener should be too concerned with. Nine times out of ten these sorts of records are usually pretty stagnant and don't sound very interesting. There are exceptions though, and I think Girl In A Coma's, Adventures In Coverland is one such occasion. Featuring eight classics completely rearranged and two original songs, Adventures In Coverland is a quick listen that's sees the band having what certainly seems like, a lot of fun. With covers as diverse as "Transmission," by Joy Division and "Walkin' After Midnight," by Patsy Cline the girls that make up Girl In A Coma certainly cover their bases and have a heck of a time doing it.

Alternating between heart breaking renditions and metallic/punk versions the band throws all sorts of curves your way throughout the course of the eight covers here. I never thought "Transmission," could really ever be bettered and I'm not sure it really can be, but the Girls add a feminine touch to the tune that makes it sound like the most woeful song of heartbreak you'll hear this year. The band is even brave enough to cover, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," and they use the quiet/loud theory, add some moodiness to it and end up with pretty decent results. The Beatles they are not, but they certainly are quite convincing as a pretty crunchy band. Even the Velvet Underground's, "Femme Fatale," turns into a nearly danceable song that's jaunty and nearly jolly....I love it. Even the one new original song, "Yo Oigo," sees the band switch between Spanish and English with ease. It's good dramatic dusty stuff that's pretty sweet.

Adventures In Coverland is definitely something diehard fans of Girl In A Coma will want to pick up. They're awesome here and they're so good that this record might serve as the perfect intro to this impressive multilingual band with and edge as sharp as a machete. Adventures In Coverland is one adventure worth taking.

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