Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Exile With The Booze

When one names your band The Booze one can make the following assumptions 1) you do not play jazz 2) you do not play easy listening and 3) you're not a pop band. You would however be correct to assume that said band plays whiskey fueled rock and roll just like the Rolling Stones used to. In fact, they're so close to the original that I'm quite convinced that the ghosts of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (keep telling yourself they're actually alive) have seized control of The Booze.

The Booze's album At Maximum Volume is a no frills gritty bluesy rock and roll record like they just don't make anymore. It's simplistic, raw, and a lot of fun to listen to. You truly will be shocked at how close these Georgian's come to sounding like The Rolling Stones. Exile On Mainstreet volume 2...perhaps? Slide guitars, slurry vocals, plodding drums it's all here and it's so convincing you can almost smell the whiskey coming through your speakers. What At Maximum Volume lacks in originality it makes up for in overwhelming amounts of sincerity and fanboyish dedication.

This is rock and roll the way it should be played...rough, loud, and about to fall over. If you like your rock and roll gritty, under produced and really good...The Booze have a record for you...all you need is err...the booze to go along with it.

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