Friday, December 9, 2011

The Eternal Summers Love Silver

Eternal Summers new album Silver is the sort of thing you'd wish would go on for an eternity but doesn't quite reach 40 minutes. This short spunky indie pop record is chock full of tweeness, shyness, and a lo-fi aesthetic that will charm the heck out of you. With spiky guitars, choppy drums, and adorable girly vocals, Eternal Summers seem to happily stumble their way through Silver.

They might sound sloppy and shambolic, but the purity and the heart behind each of these songs absolutely require you to give them a hug. Sounding something like a long lost K Record that Calvin Johnson found in a closet; Eternal Summers are an ideal underground indie pop band. Basic in it's approach but so effective in its result, Silver is ridiculously cute, catchy, shouty, and super good.

Eternal Summers might have recorded Silver on about $150 but the honesty and amiable nature of this record overcomes it all with songs that are like bear hugs from your best friends. Silver is a great record that pops, pogos, and shuffles along as if it just didn't care...but it totally does. I love stuff like this...its perfect happy go lucky fun songs that is so simplistic and so pure it that it's impossible not to fall for. Eternal Summers may have recorded Silver but I think I've struck gold by listening to it.

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