Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Edwyn Collins Is Losing Sleep

The fact that Edwyn Collins is alive is unreal...the fact that he's still making records is amazing. Edwyn Collins has had a long road to get to the release of Losing Sleep but he made it. From a near death experience and recovering from that to then putting together this record and all the business associated with it makes Losing Sleep a special recording and I for one feel privileged to just sit here and listen to it.

From Orange Juice to his solo career and producing more records that you can count, Edwyn Collins has become a British institution and one of the most important Britpop artists to ever write a jangly tune. He's an amazing songwriter and always has been. The guy has the knack for being able to write indie pop hits at will and unsurprisingly Losing Sleep is packed to gills with them. Losing Sleep is a stupendous and miraculous recording that demonstrates not only his continuing ability to write incredible indie pop tunes but his ability to overcome adversity and still do it.

Simply put this is a masterful recording; there isn't one duff track on this record. It's simply amazing from the get go and you would never know from listening to this record that Edwyn went through anything traumatic. Losing Sleep is Edwyn being Edwyn and continuing the tradition of writing amazing pop songs thirty years on. From, "It Dawns on Me," to the self questioning, "What Is My Role," Losing Sleep is a nonstop jangle fest. It's a rather cheery record despite it being a coming of age record written by someone who came of age decades ago. It is Edwyn being reflective and introspective and dare I say it, not losing sleep over any of it.

Losing Sleep is perfect. There's not one thing wrong about this's catchy, it's well written, well thought out, and an absolute joy to listen to. This is the sort of record that will reaffirm your belief in music and should be the sort of thing that serves as an inspiration to anyone who's been through a rough patch. When Edwyn sings, "I Believe in You," you can't help but agree with him. I still believe in him and his ability to write great pop and thanks to Losing Sleep he's proven he matter what.

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