Friday, December 9, 2011

The Downtown Fiction Double Up

The Downtown Fiction are the latest in a long line of melodic pop/rock acts that border on the fringes of both pop and emo and sound as if they belong in whatever reality series MTV is working on this week. Their Double EP, features a ginormous fifteen songs and really plays more like an album than an extended play record. With soaring melodies, super huge riffs, and anthems large enough to pack out any enormo-dome these guys should be the stars of Radio Disney for eons to come.

The Double EP record isn't that bad, truth be told. It's absurdly sugary sweet and has so much glossy goodness about it, it's blinding. This is slicker than slick, well produced, machinated pop perfection that uses every emotional trick in the book to keep you hooked. The songs are gargantuan, the choruses are impossible to forget and the riffs are so preposterously contagious that even if you hate them you'll never forget them. I can't pull away from this record and I'm willing to bet that I can sing to you at least half of the record's choruses after three listens. If that kind of hypnotic power isn’t the sign of a fantastic band at work, no matter the genre, than I don't know what is.

The Double EP is a great value from a songs perspective and from a band perspective. On this album length single, you get to hear The Downtown Fiction tune up their all conquering guitar assault while they prepare their next album. This angst ridden, heartbroken band has what it takes to rule the hearts and minds of all who listen to them it's only a matter of time. Parents...hide your girls...because they're not safe.

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