Friday, December 9, 2011

Darlings Are A Likable Lot

Darlings are just as their name implies...darling. These slightly twee pop fanatics turn their jangle-ometers up to eleven and hop, skip, and jump their way across their Warma EP. Channeling elements of Moldy Peaches, Elephant Six and Merge Records, Darlings create pop that's so ridiculously addictive and so good that you might just have to admit yourself into a rehab facility to stop from listening. While the Warma EP is only five songs long, every one of those songs will charm the pants off of you and leave you in a giddy, sweaty mess.

Darlings are a messy lot and that's what makes these guys so darn lovable...they seem to have honesty and a devil may care attitude that you just don't hear any more. After listening to the Warma EP a few times you'll see what I mean and then you'll begin to have the shakes for a full length album. If they don't hurry up and give us one...we're going to have some serious withdrawal problems on our hands. Shambolic, reckless, and filled with energy these Darlings play the life out of their songs and wring every ounce of goodness out of them which, makes this an impressive single.

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