Friday, December 9, 2011

Cut Copy Unleash Their Zonoscope

Cut Copy quite honestly are one of the most exciting bands on the planet today. No other band so easily shifts between shoegazing, Britpop (even though their Aussie), prog rock, and electro than these guys. They're a jumbled mess of influences that when combined result in some amazingly fine tunes. Their latest album, Zonoscope is already in the running for my album of the year and it's only March.

Zonoscope succeeds where other electronic based albums fail because it allows itself room to breathe and be creative. This is a record that can't easily be pigeonholed and you get the sense that Cut Copy likes it this way. Within the first three songs you're taken on a tour de force of sounds that will have your hands in the air, your head staring at your feet, and your feet propelling you into a pogo dance. Zonoscope sounds like the album Depeche Mode would have recorded if they were hanging out with Chapterhouse in 1992 and blur in 1994. It's a crazy whirlwind of songs that are constantly on the move and very rarely finds time to catch its breath. Whether it's their more electronic led productions or their phase shifted guitar songs, Cut Copy keep the pace going and if your feet manage to stay still during all this there's something clearly the matter with them.

Cut Copy has come up with yet another masterpiece with Zonoscope. This band simply doesn’t know how to write a bad tune. Three albums in and they have yet to disappoint in any way, shape, or form. Even the epic fifteen minute long, "Sun God," is darn near amazing. It's a little early to declare this my album of the year, but I can pretty much assure you that this will wind up somewhere in the top five right now. It is that good. Packed with endless grooves, a never ending party vibe, and solid, addictive songs that make difficult to sit still, Zonoscope is the sound of a band approaching the very definition of perfect pop.

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