Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cornershop & The Double O Groove Of

I just can't keep up with Cornershop. The second I get finished listening to one album it seems as though they've already got a new one out. They must eat, drink, and live within a recording studio because they create albums at a frenetic pace. Their latest opus is entitled Cornershop & The Double O Groove Of and is unlike their last album in the sense that the entire album is a) in Indian b) features the vocals of Bubbley Kaur.

While the usual elements of Cornershop remain; authentic Indian sounds, great grooves, fantastic pop sensibility, etc this album features a bit more of a light and jazzy vibe suited around Bubbley's vocals. It's a great ethnic pop album that brings the best of western and eastern culture together in a sound clash that just rocks. If there's one thing that Tjinder Singh is great at its finding a groove and sticking to it, and he does that a lot throughout this record. The chemistry that he not only shares with his band mate Benedict Ayres but Bubbley as well allows this record to hit on all cylinders throughout.

They might be British and normally sing in English but no one has been a better ambassador to Indian pop and Bhangra than Cornershop and you can hear why all over, Cornershop & The Double O Groove. You might not understand one word that Bubbley utters but you'll enjoy the breezy groovy way that she and Cornershop conduct themselves. This is a light album that while obviously influenced by traditional Indian sources has a bit of a pop heart about it. It's good stuff that's hypnotizing and catchy and will have you booking a trip to New Delhi by its conclusion.

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