Friday, December 16, 2011

Classified Offers Handshakes & Middle Fingers

The biggest un-secret in hip hop right now is Classified. This brilliant Canadian hip hop artist long ago established himself as a force to reckon with in indie-hop circles and seven albums later there is no slowing him down. His latest album, Hand Shakes and Middle Fingers is an edgy, slightly humorous slice of independent hip hop that’s head and shoulders above the mainstream music he’s trying to avoid.

Hand Shakes and Middle Fingers features all kinds of influences that focus together to form one heck of a record. Packed with sharp rhymes, brilliant samples, tight beats, and the occasional laugh out loud moment, Hand Shakes and Middle Fingers takes it all in stride and keeps going. This is political stuff that’s angry, aware, and intelligent and Classified packages it all with slick production and an overwhelming sense of urgency.

Classified has, at this point, solidified his hold on being one of, if not the best rappers in Canada. He’s so on top of his game and his flow is so stellar that you just can’t help but sit and listen to his tales. Hand Shakes and Middle Fingers is a record that’s irascible but knows how to have a good time and when you title your record like it has been…I guess it’s pretty obvious.

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