Sunday, December 4, 2011

Black Heart Procession Is Back!

It's always nice to have Black Heart Procession around and after their self-imposed three year silence the fact that we've had two albums in the last two years, we should feel privileged to actually get to hear anything. Needless to say the band's latest opus, Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit is a welcome addition to their discography and an expansion of their new found sense of freedom explored on their last album, Six. Bolstered by a renewed sense of vigor and a strong desire to experiment with their sound Black Heart Procession have created a record that is truly all over the map. With sounds coming from electronic, rock, blues, dub, and ambient influences Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit is a confusingly great combination of sounds that sound like it shouldn't work at all but gels together rather well.

With several "remixes," redesigned tracks, and twisted sounds coming at you from every angle, Black Heart Procession are anything but boring. With guest remixers including Lee "Scratch" Perry, and Eluvium making appearances the record is bound to have some unique perspectives scattered throughout and it does. While this might technically be considered a stop/gap record, you never get the sense that it is simply because of its epic nature. Simply put, it's a huge record in a small package. Predominantly instrumental but with the odd vocal track here and there Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit ebbs and flows with fascinating and cascading soundscapes that are beyond textural and atmospheric.

Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit is a compelling record that's never short of having something unusual happen or some unusual sound come out of nowhere. From the dubbed out sounds of Lee "Scratch" Perry's remix of "Freeze," to the epic widescreen world created throughout, "Heaven Below," Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit is a remarkable album filled with splendid sounds that will haunt you as much as they entertain. It's nice to have Black Heart Procession back and it's even nicer to be able to escape to the world they've created on Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit; a world so compelling you might not want to come back from it.

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